With 25-year BAHÇIVAN fan production experience an opportunity to establish various production techniques, different technologies and many new production processes was provided. Thanks to production line developing and growing by making investment continuously the demands of customer from different regions of the world are produced in a very short time.


    The quality control in BAHÇIVAN starts with material input. The raw materials and components used in the products are at maximum quality level. All materials coming from our suppliers should fulfill the technical specifications requirements specified by BAHÇIVAN. With initial and lot controls made at each stages of the production the faultless production is targeted. Before each products are packed, they are definitely subjected to 100% control and thus it is made sure that each packed product will be sent without any problem. The existing reject rate in the BAHÇIVAN production is under 500 PPM and AQL 0.15 inspection level applies ‘2 UNI ISO 2859-1’ standards.


    Through collaborative works made with package suppliers our designers develop packages for the BAHÇIVAN products that are favorable for Sea, Air, Land and Railway Transport, ecological and suitable for recycling. Horizontal and vertical compressive resistance tests of the designed packages are made and it is approved that they are sufficient for protecting the product. In this way the BAHÇIVAN products are delivered to its customers around the world in the most robust way possible.


    BAHÇIVAN company, in which creative thoughts are supported, makes continually investments in research and development and product development. In order to be able to provide our customers with better services the innovation is continuously carried out in many areas from design to production methods, from sales support to after sales support. New ideas improving its market conditions, meeting the needs of our customers and making difference are generated and these new ideas are supported through routine innovation meetings. The ideas that will benefit are supported with literature reviews and brought into action.

    We get strength from our university-industry cooperation, our experienced and qualified staff, our knowledge and our creative ideas while designing the products and we aim at energy efficiency for the nature and quality for customer satisfaction. Our product design technologies have great importance for product development and for creating added value.

    Product Design Process;
    • 1.Coming up with ideas or determining the need
    • 2.Literature review
    • 3.Making theoretical calculations with analytical and numerical methods
    • 4.Creating 3-B geometries in Solidworks according to the theoretical calculations
    • 5.Material optimization
    • 6.Making thermal, vibration, fatigue and resistance analysis of the prepared 3-B geometries in ANSYS Structural program and obtaining aerodynamic and acoustic properties through CFD analysis made simultaneously in ANSYS CFX program
    • 7.Preparation of prototype in case that the theoretical results in computer environment are appropriate
    • 8.Making aerodynamic performance tests in apparatus and evaluating of the results
    • 9.Returning to 1st Article to continue works for product development

    Some Programs used in BAHÇIVAN:
    • ·Computer-Aided Design: SolidWorks, Autocad,
    • ·Computer-Assisted Analysis: SolidWorks Flow Simulation, Ansys CFX, Ansys Structural,
    • ·Computer-Aided Manufacturing: Powermill, Cadman


    BAHÇIVAN prepares prototypes in order to confirm simulations and analysis made after design, while producing the most efficient fans. The tests are performed within the limits stated by internationally accepted standards, the prototypes prepared according to analytical and numerical calculations are confirmed and it is made sure that everything is perfect.

    The production methods and technologies are continuously improved in order to accelerate the production process of the designed product.


    The prototype models passing all tests successfully come to the molding stage. Our expert staff sets the foundation of innovative and high-performance BAHÇIVAN products by using the latest mold production technologies. The molding processes are performed in Mold Machining Centers being within the scope of BAHÇIVAN and having the latest technology. The ability to perform the molding processes within our company enables us to control the high quality, and enables cost advantage and saving of time. Thus new range of products gets quickly involved in product portfolio through relevant costs.


    The selection of material, which will meet the relevant international standards, of each products designed by R & D and all components forming these products are performed in order to ensure the continuity of quality and control. The technical specifications and production processes for the components are documented and archived in detail.

    BAHÇIVAN supports its product quality and reliability with TSE , ISO 9001:2015 - ISO 14001:2015 OHSAS 18001:2007, UKR SEPRO, PCT GOST, TSEK, SGS, CE, ROHS documents.

    Istanbul is one of the most important Trade Centers in the World and Turkey. With size of its trading volume and its unique location advantage it is an important logistics center that can provide service to all over the World in most appropriate and fastest ways in terms of logistics. Our Storehouse-Shipment Center in our Factory in Istanbul provides also advantage as logistics by its location.

    The BAHÇIVAN products are stored by barcoding. Thanks to our system conducted in a way of integrated our ERP system 100.000’s of the products are stocked faultlessly and shipped in accordance with the orders. Through equipped equipment and loading ramps the product shipments of daily 10-Semi-Trailer-Truck can be made.


    For the BAHÇIVAN products the quality and reliability are the most important issues that will not be made compromises. For return of a product, shipment damage or service requests you can download Technical Service Announcement Form from this page. Please forward your forms to address.