• BAHÇIVAN PAZARLAMA (Sales Company) was established in Istanbul by brothers Ömer Faruk BAHÇIVAN, Mehmet Yaşar BAHÇIVAN and Mehmet Fethi BAHÇIVAN.

  • BAHÇIVAN PAZARLAMA, which believes that creating added value will be possible only with producing, started to produce Centrigugal Fan functioning as vacuuming in industrial ironing machines.

  • BAHÇIVAN, adding new solutions of the period to its ventilation fans product range, such as Industrial Exhausters, Axial Fan with Shutter and Draught Inducer, started to come into prominence in domestic exhibitions and sectoral magazines.

  • By taking decision to focus completely on ventilation fans and electrical motors production BAHÇIVAN became a support for all commercial operations with its products released from its own production.

  • BAHÇIVAN, which believes that now is the expected time to announce its name to the whole world, got into world markets in 2004, when it is the first year that it revealed its export targets, with a lot of ventilation fans offering quality and diversity that will make an impression on global operations.

  • BAHÇIVAN attended its first exhibition abroad and started to present ventilation fans, cooling fans and external rotor motors that it developed to the world market's taste.

    BAHÇIVAN, which also improved itself as technical infrastructure in the same period, started joint project works with technical universities.

    BAHÇIVAN, aiming to present its sense of innovation with concrete outputs, started to bring the works giving new insights into the sector with TÜBİTAK approved projects into action.
  • BAHÇIVAN, aiming to spread dynamism to its all units, supported its team with new individuals specialized in HVAC (Hearing, Ventilation and Air Conditioning) field and make its target of forming the best team come true.

    BAHÇIVAN, spreading its perfecting efforts to 360 degrees, was adopted by all sectors as Best Domestic Fan Manufacturer.
  • BAHÇIVAN, which conducts its operations in Firebrick facilities until that date, started to support its additional fan and motor production capacity need arising in parallel with its expansion targets with Güneşli Production Plant.
  • BAHÇIVAN, revising its growth targets in order to respond to increasing global demand, moved to BAHÇIVAN MOTOR FACTORY in Hadımköy-Istanbul. It increased its capacity significantly through its over 300 employees and its facility of 25.000 m2. Within the same year it becames one of active members of İSKİD (Heating, Cooling, Air Conditioning Manufacturers Association).

  • BAHÇIVAN, managing to export to 50 countries, maintained also its leadership by far in Turkey. It received Export Achievement Award given by T.R. Ministry of Economy.

  • With the participation of 2 large External Rotor Motor Production Facilities purchased from Turkey and Italy into the scope of BAHÇIVAN it diversified DRM electrical motors series and increased its international competitive power significantly. Through the new investments the number of employees was increased over 300 and total production area was increased over 25.000 m2. By speeding up R & D Investments the "Fan Performance Test Tunnel" Project in accordance with AMCA 210 standards was successfully brought into action by BAHÇIVAN Engineers. It was deemed worthy of Export Achievement Award 2nd Time in a row by T.R. Ministry of Economy. ERP Efficiency target studies were started.

  • The BAHÇIVAN ventilation fans reached to 65 countries in 5 continents. Significant investments in terms of R & D / P & D were made and Bahçıvan Engineering Company was founded (ARMOVENT brand) in order to increase product range in line with 2015 Targets and the projects related to them were brought into action.
  • BAHCIVAN changed logo to BVN. Bahcivan Engineering established who is conduct R&D activities. ARMOVENT brand name created who focuses on Fire Fans and Smoke Control Engineering.

  • BVN moved to its new plant in Istabul Hadımköy with 30.000 m2 closed production area.

  • BVN finished its ERP 2018 conformity studies on its products. Prepared BIM Objets for all BVN products.